Tenants Rights

If you are an existing tenant of Coast2Bay, refer to your copy of the Residential Tenancies Authority Information Statement Form 17a.

For more information contact the Tenants Queensland Ph: 1300 744 263 or the Residential Tenancies Authority on 1300 366 311.



If you are an existing tenant of Coast2Bay for information on rent please contact the Tenancy Planning Team at Coast2Bay on 1300 796 716 or follow the link below for further information.

Your Rent Fact Sheet

Tenant Participation

Our Tenant Participation program encourages Coast2Bay tenants to contribute to decisions made about their housing, helps to form relationships and encourages participation in the wider communities.  Through the use of social activities, tenant surveys, newsletters and the operation of a Tenant Advisory Group (TAG), we are able to further involve our tenants and keep them up to date with any internal and external changes in business.

Queensland Mediation Service

Would you like to learn how to manage difficult behaviours and conflict with your neighbours?

The Queensland Government Offers a FREE mediation service to help people settle disputes through an impartial and structured process.  Coast2Bay Housing Group encourages tenants to utilise this confidential service if they are dealing with neighbour disputes over such things as parking, noise, bins, use or misuse of communal areas, fence boundaries, overhanging trees, and many others.

Visit the website below of call Coast2Bay on 1300 796 716 for more information.